Lakewood Home Festival Auction Party 


41st Annual Lakewood Home Festival Auction Party 
More Details to Come!



"Les Lakewood" transformed into the Palace of Versailles at the Lakewood Forth of July parade.  The theme of the auction party that will kick off this year's 41st Annual Lakewood Home Festival was unveiled at the Lakewood Fourth of July parade with an 18th century themed float.  The royal court marched down the parade route as LECPTA members, their spouses and children thrilled crowds by throwing Pixy Stix and candy bracelets and handing out fans.



Hosted by the LECPTA, the Lakewood Home Festival is a community-wide event that raises funds for Lakewood Elementary School, J.L. Long Middle School and Woodrow Wilson High School. The funds directly benefit students through the purchase of school materials, computers and enrichment programs. Attended by thousands of patrons annually, the Lakewood Home Festival has raised millions of dollars for local schools since 1976. Last year’s festival, alone, raised over $184,000 for the three schools.


Whether or not they attend the auction party, visitors to the Lakewood Home Festival can tour a diverse selection of inspiring Lakewood homes throughout the weekend. Visit for more information.


The Lakewood Home Tour begins the following day, Saturday November 12 and continues through Sunday, November 13.



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