The Lakewood Early Childhood PTA (LECPTA) Board is made up of volunteers who are parents in the Lakewood area. While not a complete board list, the contacts below should be able to answer most of your questions. Please feel free to email us anytime.


Contact 4th ParadeOur President: [email protected]

Our Vice President: [email protected]

Our Membership Chair: [email protected]

Our Treasurer: [email protected]

Our Webmaster: [email protected]

Our Home Tour Chair: [email protected]

Our Home Tour Volunteer Chair: [email protected]

Our Underwriting Chair:

Our Fundraising Chair: [email protected]

Our Marketing Chair: [email protected]

Our Party Manger: [email protected]

Our Auction Manager: [email protected]

For PR inquiries: [email protected]

To advertise on our website or in our e-newsletter: [email protected]

For general information: [email protected]

Mailing address: LECPTA, P.O. Box 141204, Dallas, TX 75214