Get Involved

There are so many ways to be involved and contribute to our East Dallas/Lakewood community. We encourage everyone to share where they can. We greatly appreciate it. We have made it easy to contact us and join our effort to enrich our childrens' lives.


The LECPTA Board

With a board of about 100 volunteers, there is something for everyone. Our board has members whose primary role is to support the LECPTA and others whose role is to support the Lakewood Home Festival. Our board nominations start in January and the board transitions in April.  Check back soon to download a Board Nomination form.


Lakewood Home Festival

We partner with neighbors, friends, families, and groups who volunteer to staff the homes, and the Auction Party. There are a variety of daytime and evening shifts to fit almost any schedule. Volunteers may select any venue to volunteer. Our Volunteer Coordinators even allocate houses to larger organizations so groups can volunteer together. Click here to find out more and to volunteer.


Lakewood Elementary

There are many opportunities to volunteer at Lakewood Elementary. Contact the school directly at [email protected] for the most up-to-date information about volunteering at the school.


The Long Run

The annual Long Run is the only fundraiser sponsored by the J.L. Long Middle School PTA.  The Long Run is also one of the oldest and most established runs in East Dallas.  Proceeds are targeted to bridge critical gaps in the J.L. Long Middle School budget.